How Does it Work

Simply upload your product or service with your sales price in your dashboard, and it will automatically generate 4 types of embedded links you can use on various channels:
• Buy Link - copy and paste on you social media, tweets, instastories or messaging apps, and a brief description of your product and price will appear ready for checkout
• HTML button - Copy and paste on your website or blogs
• Email button - Copy and paste the button on your email body
• QR Code - Download the generated QR image and print it on your catalogues, menus, or flyers

Shopping Carts and Web Stores
Download our plug-in from the list of web stores and shopping carts below and configure your merchant ID and API key, obtainable from the dashboard
Supports: Woocommerce, Opencart, ECwid, PrestaShop


How Does it Work

Using our E-Mandate framework, PayDirect provide an integrated link with your payment portal to expedite monthly payments of bills and subscriptions. We provide secure authorisations to the payers banks which will allow our merchants to monitor and track the monthly auto debits from his dashboard. Its automated process is seamless and significantly saves collection cost for our merchants.


How Does it Work

Custom build your invoice from our template by adding your company logo and details. Create and send embedded company invoices with pay buttons that allows your customers to simply click and pay the amount invoiced. You can also send out embedded messages and SMS, where your customer just has to click on the message and execute payment. Really useful for collecting both individual and batch payments.


How Does it Work

Our dashboard will keep you informed in real-time with a daily reports arming you with your sales metrics. We give you data that helps you make quick decisions on the things that matters most to your business. You can monitor your revenue performance either from a daily, monthly or yearly view.