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FPX & Credit Card Payments

Whether you're an ambitious startup or an established marketplace selling products online, Paydirect offers you 2 things that it does better other gateways, namely:

• instant settlement, no longer have to wait for 3-5 days of settlement to get paid into your account
• the LOWEST transaction rate in the market. We start from RM0.50 onwards per transaction!

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Auto Recurring

If your business relies on subscription or membership sales, it takes a lot effort and cost to have an effective way to collect your monthly dues on time. Paydirect has designed an automated system that links directly with your payers banks through an auto-debit facility. Monthly bills collections are automated, no more collection hassle!

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Email & Message Invoicing

Sometimes its not that customers don't want to pay on time, but theres too much inconvenience involved. The long queue at the bank, sending a snapshot of deposit made, and not to mention the painstaking traffic getting there. With Paydirect, you can help your customers make fast payments by simply sending imbedded emails, WhatsApp text messages or sms and let his online banking do the rest, all without your customer getting up from the comfort of his chair

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Analytics & Insights

Identify opportunities, flag issues, engage with abandoned carts, optimize your monetization funnel and track sales transactions. We provide you real-time stats and charts to help your business focus on what matters most

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