Who and what is PayDirect?

PayDirect is a premiere payment solutions service provider registered with PayNet as Payment Services Agents (PSA) that empowers businesses to receive online payments through FPX, credit cards, QR billing, E-invoicing and Auto Debit.

Who is this Referrer Program for?

Web developers, mobile developers, marketers, entrepreneurs, influencers or anyone enthusiastic about helping businesses get better access to payments while earning a good income!

How do i apply as a Referrer?

  • Register as an referrer to our program
  • Once your application is approved, you will receive an referrer ID together with a set of referral links for you to start using
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Program Details

Packages Monthly (RM)
(6 Months Period)
Yearly (RM)
(1 Time lump-sum)
SME 100.00 600.00
CORPORATE 300.00 1500.00